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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Medal of Honor Recipients: 1979-2013

Anne Leland
Information Research Specialist

The Medal of Honor (MOH) is the nation’s highest award for military valor. It is presented by the President in the name of Congress and thus is often called the Congressional Medal of Honor. Since its first presentation in 1863, 3,480 Medals of Honor have been awarded. In 1973, the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs issued a committee print, Vietnam Era Medal of Honor Recipients 1964-72, followed by the committee print, Medal of Honor Recipients: 1863-1978, in 1979. Both committee prints list recipients and provide the full text of the citations describing the actions that resulted in the awarding of the medal.

This report covers additions and changes to the list of recipients of the medal since the release of the committee print. For further information, see CRS Report 95-519, Medal of Honor: History and Issues, by David F. Burrelli.

The official citations are not always consistent for all recipients. Some of the citations do not contain information such as company, division, date of birth, or place of birth. An asterisk (*) indicates those individuals who were awarded their medal posthumously. This report will be updated as new recipients are named.

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