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Monday, January 10, 2011

Homeland Security Department: FY2011 Appropriations

Jennifer E. Lake, Coordinator
Section Research Manager

This report describes the FY2011 appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The Administration requested a net appropriation of $45.0 billion in budget authority for FY2011. This amounts to a $1.1 billion, or a 2.4% increase from the $43.9 billion enacted for FY2010. Total budget authority requested by the Administration for DHS for FY2011 amounts to $52.6 billion as compared to $51.7 billion enacted for FY2010.

Net requested appropriations for major agencies within DHS were as follows: Customs and Border Protection (CBP), $9,809 million; Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), $5,524 million; Transportation Security Administration (TSA), $5,729 million; Coast Guard, $9,867 million; Secret Service, $1,570 million; National Protection & Programs Directorate, $2,362 million; Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), $7,294 million; Science and Technology, $1,018 million; and the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, $306 million.

The Senate Committee on Appropriations reported its version of the FY2010 DHS Appropriations bill on July 15, 2010. This report uses Senate-reported S. 3607 and the committee report (S.Rept. 111-222) accompanying S. 3607 as the source for the Senate-reported numbers. The Senate reported S. 3607 recommends a net appropriation of $45.2 billion for DHS for FY2011. This amounts to a $195 million increase as compared to the Administration’s request, and a nearly $1.3 billion increase as compared to the $43.9 billion enacted for FY2010 (not including FY2010 supplemental funding).

Congress has not enacted the 12 regular appropriations bills for FY2011. As a result, two FY2011 interim continuing resolutions have become law: P.L. 111-242 (124 Stat. 2607) and P.L. 111-290 (124 Stat. 3063). The initial CR, P.L. 111-242, extends funding for the 12 outstanding regular bills at generally FY2010-enacted spending levels. It also continued funding from October 1, 2010, through December 3, 2010. The second CR, P.L. 111-290, extended this expiration date through December 18, 2010.

On December 8, 2010, the House passed the FY2011 full-year CR, H.R. 3082 (111
th Congress), covering the 12 regular bills. To provide more time to resolve differences within Congress and between Congress and the President, the House adopted another interim CR, H.J.Res. 105 (111th Congress), on December 17, 2010. This measure would extend the December 18, 2010, expiration date three days, through December 21, 2010.

On December 21, 2010, the Senate amended House-passed H.R. 3082, to extend funding for the outstanding appropriations bills generally at the FY2010-enacted spending level. The House passed the Senate-amended version of H.R. 3082, which was signed by the President on December 22, 2010. P.L. 111-322 extends funding through March 4, 2011.

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