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Friday, January 21, 2011

Military Uniform Procurement: Questions and Answers

Valerie Bailey Grasso
Specialist in Defense Acquisition

Military uniforms are procured through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), an agency of the Department of Defense (DOD). DLA is DOD’s largest combat support agency, providing worldwide logistics support for the United States (U.S.) military services, civilian agencies, and foreign countries. With headquarters in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, DLA operates three supply centers including DLA Troop Support [formerly Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP)] in Philadelphia, PA.

DLA Troop Support is responsible for procuring nearly all of the food, clothing, and medical supplies used by the military, about 90% of the construction materiel used by troops in the field as well as repair parts for aircraft, combat vehicles, and other weapons system platforms. Within DLA Troop Support, the Clothing and Textile (C&T) Directorate supplies more than 8,000 different items ranging from uniforms to footwear and equipment. According to DLA Troop Support’s website, sales of goods exceeded $14.5 billion during 2009.

Legislative initiatives which may impact the procurement of military uniforms were enacted in P.L. 111-383 (H.R. 6523), the Ike Skelton National Defense Authorization Act for FY2011. Section 821 of P.L. 111-383 requires the Comptroller General to submit reports to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, not later than March 15, 2011, that assess the supply chain for the procurement of fire-resistant and fire-retardant fibers and materials for the production of military uniforms. This legislation reflects congressional concern that vehicle and aircraft fires remain a significant force protection and safety threat, whether they occur during ongoing combat operations or training for future deployment.

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