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Friday, January 29, 2010

CRS Issue Statement on International Crime and Narcotics

Liana Sun Wyler, Coordinator
Analyst in International Crime and Narcotics

International crime may pose policy challenges of interest to the 111th Congress, as such activities affect a broad spectrum of U.S. foreign policy objectives. Examples of such challenges include drug trafficking, trafficking in persons, financial crime, corruption, organized crime, maritime piracy, environmental crimes, cybercrime, and other illicit activities. Major U.S. efforts to counter threats posed by the international drug trade have focused on Afghanistan, the Andean region of South America, and Mexico. In addition, policymakers have recently formulated responses to emerging narco-hotspots, including West Africa. Trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation or forced labor is another major area of congressional concern. Significant overlap in the illicit financing of the drug trade, organized criminal activity, and terrorism has increased oversight focus on efforts to combat various forms of international money laundering. Policymakers remain challenged by the wide variety of transnational criminal activity, ranging from maritime piracy to wildlife crime. The expansion and sophistication of cybercrime poses another growing security threat confronting policymakers.

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